capture every moment with photos

Not long ago I took my two daughters to a birthday invitation from their brother’s schoolmate, at a famous hotel in our city. And this is the first experience for me and the children to enter the hotel. Usually the birthday invitations that we attend are held at home or at fast food restaurants that are familiar with children. So we were excited to go attend and follow the series of events. Prayer together, games, singing Happy Birthday, distributing snacks + souvenirs (these are the most awaited children) and eating together. The excitement of the children is more complete when at the end of the event they are allowed to “dive” into the hotel’s swimming pool. But there was something stuck in my heart throughout the event until I returned home. Even seeing the faces of children who are sound asleep in a tired but happy way, of course, my feelings are increasingly confused (the term young people today). Very sorry for us, I especially, did not have the chance to capture the moment of excitement at least in a photograph, as personal documentation considering this is the first time we came to that place. While the other guests I saw engrossed photos here and there, photographing whatever they liked, from the interior design of the hotel, a stunning view from the top floor, a swimming pool full of children, to the parking lot was not missed. Ahhh, a little left me see it. Only one photo that I took with my old cellphone was not clear what I really wanted to take because I took pictures from the back when the children were sitting sweetly following the event. The lack of photographic skills plus a camera phone with improper quality (meaning that the quality of my photographs is mediocre) makes me let that beautiful moment pass by. I now understand why many people have a hobby of photographing, even though they don’t have to be professional photographers. Likewise, I also began to understand why some people become so narcissistic to perpetuate themselves? Because we never know when we can return to the same place in the same atmosphere. Even if it could, it would have been in different situations and conditions. Yes, because every second has a story and every moment must be valuable. Kind regards.